25 Feb 2012

Sans Children

My husband is nuts. He took the night off of work this evening and we made plans to go out, actually it happened the other way around, we had an invitation and then he took the night off.

My friend Jakie watched the girls for us and as each hour passed by and the time of our departure grew closer Rosie looked sadder and sadder. To cheer her up we went out in the Jeep for a little ride and then when we got back she played outside on her scooter. Wouldn't you know she wiped out. Wiped out right in front of the neighbour lady who is so overly protective of her little girl. She skinned her knee and her elbow. She'll mend, but in the meantime she calls it her gimping leg and her gimping arm and it didn't help to get her mind in the right place for our departure.

I digress. Jakie arrived and immediately we were forgotten and sailed smoothly out of the door and into the car. The entire time we were in the car Jacob kept talking to an empty back seat, "No Lily you can't put your window down, Yes Rosie we are almost there now, etc etc.". I asked him what he was doing and he said, staying in practice. The man needs serious help.

I love my girlies with all my heart but getting dressed up with make up on and sparkly jewellry and having my hubby by my side, also all dressed up, instead of a little person frantically clinging to my hand, feels really fabulous too. Even if he is completely off of his rocker.


Anonymous said...

sorry for being english but i do not understand the point you are making in this blog.........please clarify what you mean.xxbb

dawn said...

Dear BB
The man was talking to an empty back seat.

val said...

How come no picture of you both????

Vivian M said...

Where is the picture of you both all dressed up? And I totally get your hubby....am guilty of doing that too!


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