9 Jan 2012

Before she got sick :-(

We started attending the Beaux Festival of Art long before the kiddies came along. Lily went to her first one when she was 3. Every year they have an area set up just for kids and it was there that Lilipop made her first ever sand art. She carefully chose a bottle and then layered lots of different coloured sand into it. She thought it was a magnificent master piece and carried it around with her all afternoon, stopping occasionally to admire her work. After a few hours we headed back to the car and as I unlocked the door and helped her into her seat I dropped her prized possession onto the ground and it smashed into a thousand tiny pieces. She was crushed. Her Daddy took her back the next day to make another one. Harmony was restored to my life.

This year we took Rosie to the festival for the first time and Lily couldn't wait to introduce her to sand art. (I find it quite hideous but to this day we have Lilys whole collection in the toy room and it is most revered by the little sister) They were so excited and immediately started searching for the sandman. I forgot my camera which is pretty lame but I at least had my phone.

Adding the first colour
The pro doesn't need help.
phew, that was exhausting
Oh yummy, these ice creams were so good.

Now I have 2 more lovely bottles filled with sand. But I have a fabulous dragon painting too!

Shortly after we got home Lily said her throat hurt. I thought she may just have been very thirsty so I gave her a large drink. After dinner she mentioned it again. This time I gave her a salt gargle. Lily doesn't really complain about much so I put her to bed and she was fine. I woke up in the night due to hubbys glorious snoring and rolled over to whack him but found a child in the way. I knew right there and then that she can't have been feeling well. If Lily crawls into our bed in the middle of the night, it's never good. This morning she woke up and felt like poo. I took a look at her throat and knew immediately it was strep. It was all spotty and ucky. She has never had it before but I know from all my friends that it isn't something you want to mess about with.

Off to the dr's she went and was diagnosed with strep. The prettiest case of strep the Dr. has ever seen. (whatever that means). So she spent a day at home with a headache, no appetite and no energy. One of her classmates delivered her work and I helped her out with it as much as possible. Good grief they get a lot of work. Supposedly, if she has no fever, she can return to school tomorrow. She hates to miss school so I know she will push to go back, I will push to keep her home if she is still as pale as she was today. Hopefully her meds will kick in soon and she'll look and feel better.

Now to keep them separated and stop them from kissing each other. Good thing I love a challenge!


val said...

Poor Lily....I hope she feels better soon!

Me want some ice cream on a stick!!

Oh & weather warm enough to enjoy eating it!!

Love Letters To China said...

I hope Lily feels better soon. I remember when Natalie had strep...so not fun. :-(

I agree with the dislike of sand art. N. received a craft gift from a family friend that was sand art. She still has those darn sand filled containers in her closet. I'm just hoping they never fall and spill all over the place. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Lilly. Lets hope it does not spread.xxxxbb

Vivian M said...

Poor Lily, hope she feels better real soon!
Take a picture please of the entire sand art collection! :o)

Tammie said...

Oh how I despise sand art!! I loved to do it as a child, but as a parent? I can see why my mom used to groan.

I hope Lilly is feeling better soon!


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