30 Dec 2011

Happy faces, happy girls

The un-sleepover actually involved sleep!

They didn't wake up until 7.30 and no one was more surprised than me. I guessed that my early bird had woken everyone one but I was wrong, it was Joie's turn to be the alarm clock. Considering they were still holding court at 11pm and they usually get up at 6., they did pretty well.

They spent a very leisurely morning playing board games, watching telly and playing Wii when I decided to shake it up a bit and suggest we go out for a while on the bikes, scooters, jeeps, pogo sticks, you name it they could have it. I have an insanity gene that allows me these mad thoughts without a second of remorse. What was the worse that could happen? One of them could run me over but other than that I had it all under control.

After a quick safety briefing they were off.....at full speed with nary a glance over their shoulders. They tore this neighbourhood apart. Our clubhouse has a bike path that goes around it so that is where we headed to. I knew they ( and the rest of the world) would be safe there.

At first I decided that H's girls could not ride the electric scooters. They aren't familiar with them and H wasn't with us. I rode them about on them for a few turns and then called an executive decision and let them have them. We have enough safety gear to kit out the British Army but of course we didn't use a lick of it. No, no, no, I am such a great friend and responsible person that I just threw them to the wolves, so to speak! I couldn't stand watching Joie squash herself into the Jeep for another second, she needed a toy with some pizzazz that didn't cut off her blood supply. A quick tour of what button did what and they were gone. Peals of laughter filled the air as they raced around the path.

Racing fools

I'm not sure why Rosie looks so forlorn hereSpeedy

Trevi on the Bum Wiggle Scooter. It may, possibly, have a different name than this but this is what you have to do to make it move.Lily on her Daddy's electric scooter
Now how did you two end up sideways on a perfectly srtaight sidewalk, huh?
Oh, just look at that concentration.
funny girls

All good things must come to an end and this playdate/un-sleepover was no different. Hollis was greeted at the front door by Lily saying in a disgusted and sad voice, oh no, it's your mum. (have I mentioned lately that I am working on her manners. LOL)


val said...

Oh that looks like so much fun......you know they'll want to come back for more!!!!

Vivian M said...

Love it. What a wonderful un-sleepover!!! Happy New Year. :o)


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