12 Jul 2011

Going on a monkey hunt.

One thing that has become a tradition every time we come home is a trip to Woburn Safari Park. It is absolutely fantastic there. We love it, the kids love it and now Hollis and the girls love it. It is really quite ridiculously expensive to visit there but it's just one of the few places that we feel is worth very single penny. We offered Hollis the opportunity to bow out but she wanted to come too and we were so glad she did.
We had to take 2 cars but once we were inside the Safari Park we found a safe place to park and then we put the 2 youngest in the very back and the other 3 in the back seat and Grace and I up front in one car. My Fathers car has a massive sunroof so the kids all had a clear view of the sky which is very important when there are monkeys sitting on the roof. The speed limit is 10 MPH so no seat belts are required and children are allowed to ride up front.
No sooner than the kids had glued their little noses to the windows they spied giraffes, rhinos, and zebra's but all I kept hearing was, "Where are the monkeys?" Since there was no way for me to communicate with jacob and Hollis in the other car I just went as fast as I could until we reached the monkey area. We had been in there for a few minutes before they saw any but then things got really crazy in our car especially when a monkey came out of nowhere and threw itself on the roof which resulted in Anlei having a mild heart attack. After making sure she wasn't really as terrified as she sounded she calmed down and got just as excited as the other girls. I won't even tell you how many times we ended up driving around the monkeys or how many monkeys we ended having on the car. It was amazing and the girls had a fantastic time.
Once we left Africa we were able to drive at a much more relaxed pace throughout the park and enjoy all the other animals. We stopped for lunch, rode the swan boats, fed the Wallabies, and Rheas, played in Noah's Ark, and did countless other things. Before we left for the day I asked the girls to vote on whether or not they wanted to drive through the monkeys again or just head home. Guess what? We headed through the monkeys again. This time they were able to see the monkeys on the car in front break of the aerial and chew it to shreds. Great entertainment if you range in age from 4 - 11 and have no clue how much it is going to cost to fix it. The monkeys just pitched it once they had it chewed into many little pieces!
Here is some of the fun in photos
The monkey eating the aerial on the car in front of ours
One of our many visitors
Jacob taking Rosie and Trevi on the boat
Hollis and Joie
Crazy woman

Rosie touching a wallabie
The girls feeding them

Brown bear
Snoozing rhino

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val said...

Looks like so much fun! That Rosie is getting very brave???


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