26 Jun 2011


Apparently I have been on a leave of absence from the blog. When things in my head get a bit crazy I enter a state of denial and I deny that I have a blog. I crawl inside my head and stay there and think and repeat that process.............. and repeat that process. Tonight I was still blissfully in that wonderful state when I looked at hubby and said that I really needed to attempt to put this week into some sort of order, so here goes.

Last Sunday night the hubs and I had our second night out since Rosie came home in 2008 and we lit up the night. We were supposed to be leaving town first thing on Monday morning after I was done with an 8am appointment. Since we were not packed and since our reason for heading out of town had changed our appointment to Wednesday and due to being wonderfully, hellishly tired from the night before we changed our leaving until Tuesday and took our sweet time doing everything on Monday. On Tuesday, we were packed and left town.

We spent 2 days looking at houses and narrowed down our search to where and what we are looking for. We found one that Lily wanted to move into right then but we pointed out it was too little and then we found another which is a contender. No more information on this at this point will be shared. AT ALL. (sorry)

Later in the week we headed to Orlando to allow the kids to let off some steam. Gawd knows after 2 days of being dragged through houses they needed it and so did we. By this point I am all bunched up in my head and my camera remained unused. My mind is racing. Figures are flying around and decisions need to be made. By evening's end I was in need of Mojito's and if you know me, you know this is not me. One evening we headed to Downt0wn Disney and I managed to take one picture of the kids on a carousel.

and then this one of Rosie looking oh so unfeminine!

Neither of us took any pictures of the kids at the parks.......lame parents.

Friday we headed home. We wanted to be here on Saturday to meet up with Jacob's cousin Amy, her hubby Steve, and their girls Katie and Marie who are visiting from Grand Rapids. They stopped by, on their way to the Keys, for lunch. Why is it that the family members who you love spending time with are the ones that live the farthest away?
I felt bad for Katie and Marie as our girls didn't give them a second of peace, not one second.

Today Jacob made plans to meet up with everyone at Pennekamp so that they could all go on a glass bottom boat ride together. I had to sit this one out as I have some (read many) CEU's to get under my belt by August and I wont be here for a large portion of July. I'm not usually a procrastinator in any aspect of my life but I have really dropped the ball on my CEU's this year and am scrambling to get them all done. Oopsie. I got this 12 hour set whacked out in a record 3 hours this morning which really ticked me off cos if i had known it was going so easy I would have gone. It would appear that everyone had a great time and in some cases a very tiring one!
Marie and Lily
Whilst Marie wonders if she can drown Lily, Katie ponders some funky ocean gunk.
Hmmm, some serious 'tude
Rosie auditioning for Titanic
After about an hour on the boat Jacob said Rosie got really sleepy and just konked out! Party animal.

So this is why I have not posted. Since we have been back I have been cleaning, organising and cleaning some more. This trend will continue for a few more days. I start a conversation and then stop and say, "but the so and so in that house is perfect, or, the garden in that house isn't big enough for a pool", which has nothing to do with what I was previously saying and leaves hubby looking dazed and confused and leaves me irritable. It's better when I just clean and play with the girls and pretend that I don't have any big girl decisions to make at all.
If it's all the same to you I'll take a Mojito and call it a night....kidding folks I'm kidding.


Maci Miller said...

Well, I'd say you have some very good reasons for not blogging! What a busy week you've had! Hope you find the perfect place soon and so glad you and Jacob had a great night out. You deserve it. Jeff and I are long overdue for one also.

Tammie said...

So glad to see you back here! Of course, I missed out on the antics of your sweeties.

Okay. You won't fess up about house hunting. I won't ask questions but will say that I can't wait for news. Personally, I enjoy house hunting. David & I used to do that while we were dating. How I loved to look at a house & see all the possibilities!

Looks like the girls & Jacob had a blast with your cousins. Love the Titanic Rosie pic!

Now get back to your CEUs so you can enjoy the rest of your vacay!

val said...

Welcome back....I missed you. Can't wait to share what's going on!!!

4D said...

What! You were in my grand city looking at houses so that we can be neighbours and you did not tell me! Hee hee...I am going to try to convince you to move to the land of Canucks!!!

Hugs and you will figure it out. For us, going with our gut (or listening to what is said at least) really helped to make a decision about the houses we saw.

I remember that carousel!!!

Keep smilin!


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