8 May 2011

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

When Andie comes to stay we have fun. Lots of fun and many giggle fits. She thinks life in this part of the world is crazy and moves at an insane pace. I agree with her. She also thinks my life is particularly nutty and she is right. If something needs to be done, I have to do it right away so add that to a fast paced society and you have bedlam. She likes a quieter life and loves large open spaces. I do too but it isn't happening here.

She knew that both girls would be in school last week and that Jacob and I would be working but she didn't care she came anyway. No quick trips away for us this time around just the everyday stuff.

On Friday I dropped Lily at school and then headed off to renew my driving license. To my delight it was uneventful and I left with a temporary license and was back home in record time. Next on the agenda as far as jobs was to pick Lily up from school early as she had a doctors appointment. I have only ever pulled Lily out of school early once before so I am not used to the protocol.

I grabbed my keys jumped into the car and headed to school where I raced into the office and was asked for I.D. Uhh, not a face in the office that I recognised and I know everyone there. I saw the assistant principal 2 seconds before but he was gone. I raced back to the car with Rosie and Andie in tow and headed home for my license. Then we returned to school I handed over my I.D. and they went to get Lily. Mr. P reappeared and asked if I was still waiting and I explained that I had forgotten my I.D to which he replied, I know you. Thanks, very helpful now! I am thankful that the school insists on I.D. and so I wasn't upset just a little pushed for time at this point. After what seemed like hours Lily appeared and we raced back home so that she could get changed and have a snack.

We left the house in a rush and drove to the eye doctors. I also know everyone at the doctors office as I have been a patient there for a long time and seem to be there all the freaking time due to my eye. I am unsure of what is worse, trying to find a parking space at baptist hospital or trying to get in an elevator. We were lucky on the first count but not so much on the second. As we are waiting Lily is reading all the doctors names and I point out that one is also in the office where she is going so we need to go to that floor. I said, "thats William T, but he is called Billy Boy cos his daddy also works there and he is Henry" then I point out Jack and say, "he used to date the doc I used to work with" and then we find Dr.S's name but before I can say anything a man in scrubs with a surgical cap walks forward and introduces himself as Dr. William T. He had heard the whole conversation and "Billy Boy" wasn't impressed. Andie and I cracked up laughing and fortunately the lift arrived at that moment and even though it was going down we hopped in. Unfortunately as we went back up we stopped at the same floor and "Billy Boy" hopped in. Andie and I were hysterically giggling but I was able to hide behind a tall guy so "Billy Boy" couldn't see me. My doc calls him Billy Boy and I have seen him many times as a patient and we have talked about it however I guess he doesn't want the world to know it.

As we are chatting with the office staff I realise I have forgotten the paperwork that the doctor has to sign. URGHHHH. I leave Andie with Lily and head back to my house in Friday traffic. Oh and my gas light was on at this point but I didn't have time to stop. Yeah, I know that makes no sense at all but it did then.

We get home AGAIN, I grab the papers and a huge bag of chocolate and head back to the office. Lily was in a room and waiting to see the Doc. After a few minutes he comes and announces Lily needs glasses. She is not happy about this but in my absence Andie has had her try a few pairs on and she is warming up to the idea.
I just needed to get out of there. The day just kept repeating the same task and I was fried. Before we headed home for the day we stopped at an eye glass place and she filled the script. She looks so cute in them and is now looking forward to them being ready.

If I have another day where I just keep re-tracing my steps like that I will go mad. I am usually very organised. And just for the record, yes I do know it is the law to carry I.D, but I never do when I run to school. It's a mile away and I leave my phone and wallet at home every single day. If you think I have learnt my lesson, think again, it's me!


Vivian M said...

You are so funny. I could never leave my house without my 50 pound purse full of things I might need someday, lol!

val said...

OMG....love the Billy Boy story...that kinda thing always happens to me!


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