14 May 2011

craft time

When Andie came to stay she bought the girls lots of gifts. One of which was a this.

I was bombarded by some nasty stomach bug yesterday and the Hub's was not home. I put a tacky old table cloth on the table and let 'em at it whilst I crawled back to the couch. Every now and again I would crawl back into the room, snap a picture, assess the damage and crawl back under my rock.
Rosie was very serious about yellow
Lily was more detail oriented

They had such a great time doing it and they came out really well. Today we will plant the seeds and grow some mystery plant.
Thanks Annie, Andie. A huge success.


val said...

Cute! Hope you're feeling better!

Andie said...

Glad they kept them occupied for a few minutes. I wonder if the seeds will survive the heat??

Tammie said...

Sorry you were feeling sick, but what a great idea! The girls love crafts & got to enjoy the day. Yay for Andie!

kitchu said...

that is such a fantastic craft. what fun for the girls. sorry you are feeling so sick though!


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