30 May 2011

Bike riding

After I finished work for the morning we had plans to meet up with one of Lily's classmates for a bike ride. I loaded their bikes into the car and Munira loaded Sana's bike into her car and we met at a park. Here are some photos of them riding!

Can't even see a bike
No bikes here either
Look far, far into the distance, you can vaguely make out a bike
Aha, the little monkeys are out of the trees
Now it's time for piggy back rides.

She does this stuff to scare me
and joy of joys, Peanut is copying her.

Apparently bike riding was not fashionable today but tree climbing was very in! So glad I schlepped the bikes with us. They had so much fun in the trees, the little monkeys.


val said...

Cool tree.......cool pics!

Tammie said...

Love the day's adventure!


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