1 May 2007

Re - runs in Bloggyland

Way back in the beginning of my days in Bloggy Territory I posted a video of Lily making fun of my accent. I have been asked, countless times, to do it again. Since all we did today after school was take a trip to the toy shop so that I could get some ideas for her upcoming 5th birthday under the guise that we were buying a gift for someone else, I decided today was the day for a rerun.

I asked her to do it again. Please take notice of her jammies. My mum bought these for her when she ws 18 months old and on her first trip to the UK. They are age 18-24 months and she flat out refuses to give them up. They are her all time faves and since they don't pinch or strangle her I am more than willing to let her have them since my mum is no longer with us and they remind me of her. They make me laugh cos they are so small.

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A close up of the jimjams

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Steffie B. said...

Hey....it's spring...capri's are in! lol

Dannye said...

that always cracks me up!! Lily is such a card!!

I love her "accents"!!

And her PJ's are styling!!

Patricia/NYC said...

Lily cracks me up!!
She always looks happy too...I LOVE that!

Lucky momma to a sweetie from Hubei

Kathy and Joel said...

I always find it so cool to hear the voices of my fellow bloggy friends for the first time in detail. Your accent is very cute and Lily's impressions of you seem bang on. I wonder if our daughter will make fun of our Canadian accent, eh?

Beckyb said...

Those are hilarious!!! She's got your accent down!! And my boys loved the bunny video - made us laugh!!!

Special K said...

That kid is a riot! I love how she sticks up for bunny... enough making fun of him. Hee hee.

3D said...

She is VERY good at voices. I love the pj's.

Thanks for sharing this. A good laugh is what I needed tonight.

Keep smilin!

In Due Time said...

lol..I had a patient come in today with an english accent, I just wanted her to keep talking, and talking, and talking! I love em!

Roy and Lori said...

Love the accent! Very delightful!

Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

Hey do you think all of us yanks sound like the Waltons? Goodnight John Boy!!

Love the video..too cute!

PIPO said...

Wow, that kid is like my all-star. She cracks me up...just like her mama.

Pug Mama said...

Oh gosh! That made me laugh out loud.
Your Lily is so precious I can't stand it!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I just love your English accent, especially when spoken by Miss Lily! :-) The only word you didn't mention this time was To"mah"toes vs. To"may"toes. he he. Had to go back and watch the original as well :-)

redmaryjanes said...

You family is just wonderful! I love all of the things you talk about-can't hear your accent on here though.

Nikki said...

I think Lily's imitation of her "American" accent is funnier than her imitation of your English accent! I was cracking up! And, can't wait to show Lily...I'm quite sure she will have me play it over and over and over!

When is Lily's b-day? I know we have talked about yours and Jacob's matching Lily's and Jay's but I don't remember you mentioning when your Lily's was!

Emmie said...

LOVE IT!!! She is so cute...videos of little Lily always make me smile!

Ann said...

I love this. It still amazes me that she hasn't picked up any of your accent. How cute would that be.

M and M said...

Lily has some great accents!!

Polar Bear said...

LOVE the jammas! They still look so cute on her!

She sounds like she is from the north with her American accent. It's so cute!

Snowflowers Mum said...

Wow..this is insight for us! I'm a Kiwi married to an American, with a chinese daughter. So far at 2 years old she sounds just like me, right down to 'milwk'(how do you make things sound kiwi in test?

Maybe I'll be saying goodbye to her calling me Mummy in a few years? I worked so so hard on that one.

She does say "wibbly wobbly & oopsey daisy" and calls her rainboots 'gumboots'

How on earth do we manage?

Love the blog



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