7 Sep 2013

Scottys Landing.

Hello..remember me?  I used to blog, a whole lot, and fill your minds with endless drivel but I seem to spend more time on FB where things are written in a sentence and involve a picture or two.

I have to share this with all my local peeps that are still reading..or waiting too.
One of the best hangouts in Miami, a landmark for sure, and an all around great place to go is slated for the chopping block. Scotty's in Coconut Grove is set to be levelled along with the Chart House, and it will be replaced by yet another monstrous retail space.

There is a tiny hope but it needs action and your help. On November 5th you can vote against it and I do hope you will.

I am linking you to a blog that holds all the neccesary information. You need to scroll down the page a little and read how this has all unfolded in the political arena.

thegroveguy.blogspot.com/ The Grove Guy is forwarding all information that he has. I am forwarding it all to FB. I would really hate to see Scotty's close, the girls and I love it there as do all my family members that come over. But I think it will sting even more if it is a forced closing and the fabulous Scotty's is repalced by Shulas and "an upscale" eatery. gag.


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